First-Stage Processing Services

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Flat Laser

Do you need laser-cutting services in the Bay Area for steel, aluminum, or stainless steel sheet? Excelsior’s two high-powered fiber laser machines cut metal flat parts with precision. 

Cutting capacity: 
1” mild steel 
1.18” aluminum 
.59” copper 
.47” brass 
Table sizes: 
+/- .005  


Tube Laser 

Are you looking for an alternative to machining for your pipe, tube, angle, and channel? Our state-of-the-art tube laser supports up to 23.5 lbs./ft. tube weight. 

Bundle loader lengths:
21’- 28’ 
Cutting capacity: 
8″x8″ square tube 
8.625″ round 
.5″ mild steel 
.25″ stainless steel 
.25″ aluminum  
3/4″ minimum 


Using an extremely high-pressure jet mix of water and abrasive substance, the waterjet can be an ideal choice for thicker-cut parts. This machine also cuts with a narrow kerf, meaning your parts can be tightly nested to minimize waste. 

Our waterjet machine features: 
80″x160″ Table Size 
+/- .0037 Tolerance 

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